Decon Dual Controls
By C.G. Zaun Sales

The Industry Standard Since 1967
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your kit made for a specific Make and Model of Car?
A: No! We have a universal kit, it will need to be adapted to your car by your installer.

Q: Where can I find an Installer?
A: Any qualified mechanic can install the kit. We suggest looking for a mechanic who does Van Conversion for the handicapped. They are usually very creative with their installations. We have a list of installers in certain areas of the country to recommend, call for recommendations (818-243-9446)

Q: Can I install the kit myself?
A: That totally depends upon your mechanical skills. However, many customers do their own installation of the brake and gas pedal.

Q: Are the parts available separately?
A: Yes, you may buy brake, gas, or steering.

Q: Which steering will I need for my car?
A: That depends upon your installer and your car. Show installation directions to your installer and let him decide which would be best for your car.

Q: Can I move the controls to a new car?
A: Yes, often the housings and cables should be replaced with each new installation.

Q: What's the difference between a Mark 10 and Mark 12 steering?
A: The mark 12 has an auxiliary column that mounts on the left, next to your existing column.